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Professional Learning for PhD Science®

We know that with the proper support, high-quality instructional materials can transform teaching and learning. That’s why our curriculum writers are the ones to craft all of our professional development and why we make sure educators with firsthand experience teaching the curriculum lead each session.
Great Minds® is the exclusive provider of professional development written and delivered by the creators of PhD Science.


Created by the team of teacher–writers behind PhD Science, our in-person and virtual PD sessions include options for teachers and leaders. These sessions ensure strong initial implementation as well as sustained success.


 Through modeling and observation, Great Minds coaches help teachers improve implementation and help leaders develop effective ways to support, understand, and evaluate day-to-day classroom practices.


Implementing PhD Science with Fidelity

To set educators up for success with PhD Science, our team of teacher–writers have created the three-year plan below integrating both PD and personalized coaching so all teachers can feel confident with the curriculum. Because we know that when teachers feel prepared and well-versed in the curriculum, students thrive.

PD Workshop Sequence Personalized Coaching Sequence

(prior to implementation)

- Launch PhD Science Levels K–5

- Lead Implementation for Administrators

- Focus on Instructional Techniques I

- Classroom Management in a Student-Driven Classroom

- Guided Observation for Leaders

- Module-Level Study

- Pacing Strategies in a Student-Driven Classroom

- Deliver a Lesson Collaboratively


PD Workshop Sequence Personalized Coaching Sequence


- Focus on Instructional Techniques II

- Advancing Science Instruction with Collaborative Conversations

- Guided Observation for Leaders

- Focus on Instructional Techniques III

- Deliver a Lesson Collaboratively

PD Workshop Sequence Personalized Coaching Sequence

- Focus on Instructional Techniques IV

- Grade Band Progression

- Planning and Preparing by Using Checks for Understanding

- Guided Observation for Leaders

- Deliver a Lesson Collaboratively


Hear from Educators

Thanks so much for creating meaning opportunities in today's PD to make the learning experience purposeful. I loved the way the instructional routines were interwoven throughout today's presentation.

I am excited to implement this hands-on approach to teaching science. I love the way writing is integrated into the investigations. This is one of the best PD's I've ever attended. Thank you!

Isaac did an excellent job of modeling how to teach these modules! He was engaging and fun!

This PD has got me so excited to get back to the classroom with my students. Thank you for this program.


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