Pilot the Curriculum in Your Classroom

PhD Science® is a phenomenon-based, student-driven curriculum that inspires students to wonder about the world and empowers them to make sense of it. Experience the transformative nature of the K–5 program by piloting it in your school or district.

Science instruction in the earliest grades often consists of disparate activities rather than the comprehensive, coherent instruction called for in The Framework for K–12 Science Education. As a company of former teachers and education advocates, we want to change that. That is why we are providing Levels K–2 as Open Education Resource in the fall of 2021. This fall educators are invited to pilot our new K–2 curriculum, or join the thousands of educators across the country already using PhD Science in Levels 3–5.

This is a paid pilot opportunity. Schools who sign a pilot agreement for our K–2 curriculum will be provided free, early access to digital Teacher Editions and Science Logbooks. Schools interested in piloting the Levels 3–5 will need to purchase the print editions of the teacher and student materials. In addition to the curriculum, Materials Kits for hands-on activities and supporting texts for the module are available to purchase from Great Minds.

To learn more about PhD Science or to bring it to your school or district, please complete the form below. For a complete list of the module topics, please click here

Pilot PhD Science