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Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards call for a pedagogical shift in how educators approach science teaching. PhD Science is the only curriculum written after The Framework for K–12 Education was established, and it’s designed to help teachers create a three-dimensional teaching and learning science environment.

PhD Science inspires students to wonder about the world and empowers them to make sense of it. They examine authentic real-world phenomena through observation, questioning, modeling, investigation, and evidence-based argumentation, building knowledge of core science topics and a scientific understanding of how the world works.


1) How does PhD Science help students uncover Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) through engaging in the Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), and using the lens of Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCs) to make sense of phenomena?

2) How does PhD Science align with Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for Science?

3) How does PhD Science support educators in the pedagogical shift the standards require, moving teachers into the role of facilitator in a student-driven learning environment?

4) How does PhD Science help students develop critical thinking skills and strategies for use outside of the curriculum to deepen their scientific understanding of the world around them?


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